A Microwave Engineering Journey

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Radar Era (1952-1961)
Missile Era (1961-1971)
Phased Array Era (1971-1980)
Early MMICs (1980-1990)
MMICs Today (1990-2004)

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The Fifth Ten Years of the Microwave Engineering Journey
MMIC Circuits Today (1990-2004)

Below are shown some examples of MMIC amplifiers. On the left is a Ka-Band Low-Noise Amplifier, in the center is a Ku-Band Driver Amplifier, and on the right is a broadband Power Amplifier.

Below are shown some MMIC control circuits. The top three are phase shifters created at Texas Instruments. The lower three are attenuators. The two on the left were created at Texas Instruments, and the one on the right was created at TriQuint Semiconductor.

In 2003 I worked as a MMIC design contractor for three months for REMEC Corporation in Richardson Texas. I helped them design phase shifters for a T/R module being developed for the Air Force for Radar imaging. In late 2004 I began work as a MMIC design contractor for MEMtronics Corporation. This work was for an Army program to develop phase shifters employing MEMS devices. In August 2005 I began work as a MMIC design consultant for Anadigics Corporation. The initial activity was focused on development of their GSM PowerPlexer circuitry.

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